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Corporate Strategy Department, Corporate Strategy Section

Name : Grace Kung Shia Hoe
Position : Assistant Manager
Date Joined : 26.07.2011
Field of Study : Commerce and Administration (Accounting)
Hobby/Interest : Travelling


This is a good job with prospects as TMSB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokuyama Corporation, a multinational corporation (MNC) based in Japan with a strong business and financial background.

Initial impression?

All the Japanese are co-coordinating well with the locals.

Exciting part of your job?

The chance to see the construction progress from scratch to an established plant which will become the second manufacturing base of Tokuyama Corporation.

Best thing ever happened?

The visit to Tokuyama Corporation’s factory in Shunan City, Yamaguchi, Japan and its head office in Tokyo.

Your colleagues?

Of course I like my colleagues. If not, I would be unable to enjoy my job in TMSB and moreover, they are the ones who I spent most of my time with other than my family members.

Career progression?

Definitely. I have learned a lot since I joined TMSB. Not everyone will have this kind of opportunity, to be involved in such a big project from the beginning and progress with the company as it grows.

Advice to new staff?

Be positive, take the challenge and learn from mistakes.

TMSB in three words?

Responsible, Efficient and Polite


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