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HR & Administration Department, Human Resources Section

Name : Augustine Lawang anak Mekai
Position : Officer
Date Joined : 16.07.2012


TMSB is a new foreign investor that is involved in worldwide market in polycrystalline silicon manufacture. It has a big potential to grow big and to compete with the global market.

Initial impression?

As a foreign company (Japanese Company), I am keen to learn with their culture in terms of working environment and also outside working environment. I found that Japanese culture is more focused on the detail and information, quality instead of quantity, time management, and etc. It is very impressive! At first, it was not easy for me to adapt to their working environment but now after 2 years of service I feel more comfortable, understanding more and improving myself with different working environment.
The most respectful culture they have is treating all people the same. No matter a General Manager or even a President of the company he will treat us the same.

Exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part in my job is that I can do something beyond my qualification and learn new different area, when I get involved with Administration Job Scope by handling TMSB Canteen operation as a person in-charge.

Best thing ever happened?

I was accepted to this company as a fresh graduate. It was the BEST moment being offered to join this becoming BIG company in the future.

Your colleagues?

As I was attached to Training & Development under Human Resources Section since day first until now, from the top to the bottom of HR members, all I can say is they are like a FAMILY to me.

Career progression?

Even though I was given 100% trust to handle the canteen management, on top of it, I was also given the opportunity to join some of HR job scope such as joining the Job Expo at Kuching (UNIMAS) to enhance the recruiting activity. It was a really good experience for me and was a good manner to build up the human capital in TMSB.

Advice to new staff?

If you started your career with New born company, we can say that it is start from zero and any of your work will be a part of it. Imagine after 5 to 10 years in the future, you can become a pioneer of the company. And one more thing, everything is not easy when its established, then you will realize that you are part of it.

TMSB in three words?

Fresh, Discipline & Family


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