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HR and Administration Department, Samalaju Technical Training Centre, STTC Section

Name : Misnah binti Lamat
Position : Executive
Date Joined : 01.04.2012


Dr. Mahathir had this Look East Policy when he was our Prime Minister. As students then we were excited and looked forward to being sent to Japan. But the lucky star did not fall on my way. I did not give up and keep asking myself what if I have the chance to work in a Japanese company and have some Japanese colleagues in Bintulu, not in overseas. My mission had been accomplished when, in April 2012, I reported duty at TMSB Medan Jaya Bintulu office.

Initial impression?

Nil knowledge on TMSB as there is not much publicity on the company among the local. Its’ product is also something very new to us.

Exciting part of your job?

Before landing myself in STTC, I was first recruited to join Administration Section in April 2012. My role was very general. However, I felt I could contribute more and maximize my many years of related working experience to the company in some other avenues. My wish came true when management indicated “We would like you to join STTC”. This is the beginning of the real role and responsibility for me.

Best thing ever happened?

The unexpected transfer to STTC which I never thought it would take place. This transfer means that I am bringing along with my very rich related working experience. I am happy to give it all out!

Your colleagues?

First, I highly thank my supporting previous superior for his trust and ‘leaving’ STTC under my care. Respect and confidence of related employees and trainees are very special to me which I will treasure until end of time. I would not be where I am now if they were not with me. Thank you all my colleagues.

Career progression?

With over 2 decades of working experience, I do not see myself yearning to climb the ladder or taking up a new responsibility. Given the option, I would stay and finish off the remaining years in doing what I am capable of, for now, i.e. teaching, sharing and transferring my knowledge to the younger generation employees.

Advice to new staff?

To the younger generation of employees in TMSB, love your job otherwise it is right time to move on. Believe in and prove what you can do. Opportunity and career success are somewhere out there waiting for you. You just needed the determination.

TMSB in three words?

Respect staff and culture.


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