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Factory Management Department, Factory Control Section

Name : Gareth Agan Petrus
Position : Executive (Utilities & Infrastructure)
Date Joined : 01.09.2011


As a subsidiary of an established international company and one of the pioneer investor in SCORE Project, I believe TMSB will provide me with opportunity of career enhancement.

Initial impression?


Exciting part of your job?

I get to interact with people from various organizational levels. And everyone is always encouraging and ready to help. That has definitely helped me become a more confident person.

Best thing ever happened?

Being trusted with a various responsibility assigned.

Your colleagues?

Everyone is having a great time together. At the same time, they are showing much dedication towards their tasks.

Career progression?

I have learned a lot since joining TMSB which has helped in building my skills and knowledge. It is a privilege to be involved with this project.

Advice to new staff?

Be humble and adopt the attitude to keep learning new things. But at the sometime enjoy the diversity of different cultures.

TMSB in three words?

Vibrantly moving forward.


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