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Logistics Service Department, IT System Section

Name : Diana Aren Laing
Position : Executive
Date Joined : 01.02.2012
Field of Study : Chemical Sciences
Hobby/Interest : Reading, jogging, traveling


Tokuyama has a good reputation not only in Japan but also around the globe. Being one of the major investors in the SCORE project, it has become the talk of the town ever since it was first established in Malaysia. I strongly believe that Tokuyama will offer a lot of opportunities and will be a platform for me to boost my career.

Initial impression?

Excited but at the same time scared especially when I was told that I was the first and only IT member of staff in TMSB at that time.

Exciting part of your job?

Being asked to attend to all sorts of IT issues including some in which I have never had any experience.

Best thing ever happened?

Getting to meet all the different races especially the Japanese and learning how to adapt to their work culture.

Your colleagues?

Yes. Having to spend 5 days a week in the office, they have become my friends and family.

Career progression?

Yes. TMSB has given me the opportunity to polish my IT skills. Being involved with the network and systems teams has really given me more knowledge in IT and also a good advantage in order to advance further in my career.

Advice to new staff?

Have a positive attitude, be independent, and be yourself.

TMSB in three words?

Exciting, Enjoyable, Enthusiastic


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