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Manufacturing Department, Manufacturing Section 1

Name : Wong Kiiun Ping
Position : Engineer
Date Joined : 21.05.2011
Field of Study : Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Hobby/Interest : Jungle trekking, reading


I believe that TMSB has a high potential in becoming one of the top companies in Malaysia despite the fact that it is a newly establish company in our country.

Initial impression?

Japanese culture company.

Exciting part of your job?

Being able to receive training in Japan for a period of 10 months.

Best thing ever happened?

Successfully completed the training in Japan and being able to return to Malaysia and equip with the knowledge gain from the training.

Your colleagues?

I like my colleagues very much.

Career progression?

TMSB giving me an opportunity to enhance my leadership skill and self-discipline.

Advice to new staff?

Put effort in your job with the company and you will gain more than you expected.

TMSB in three words?

Growth, Challenge, Enjoyment

Manufacturing Department, Manufacturing Section 1

Name : Nor Komariah binti Hasfa
Position : Engineer
Date Joined : 01.09.2011
Field of Study : Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Hobby/Interest : Sport, traveling

My name is Nor Komariah , I am the youngest child of my parents and 25 year old. I graduated from Universiti Malaysia Pahang with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

I love maintenance jobs which allow me to have more hands on with equipment. I am currently working as an Engineer in Tokuyama Malaysia Sdn Bhd (TMSB). I have spent about half year working with TMSB and there is one big target for me with this company which is to help TMSB become a well known and profitable company with the best chemical plant in Malaysia.

TMSB must have the best employees to achieve such a big target. To become a good, hardworking and valuable employee is my dream and hope while working with TMSB. This is a good opportunity for me to work with the Japanese. We know that Japanese people love their language so much and are happy that people all around the world need to study their language in order to learn from the Japanese and share their technologies.

I do have difficulty in communicating with them but they impart their knowledge with a good spirit. They try so hard to make us understand their PSI process. This has encouraged me to learn Japanese. Such effort gives me the spirit to collaborate fully with them so that I can receive the best technical knowledge possible.

Since I have been working with TMSB I have never faced any problem in commuting to the plant as TMSB provides a comfortable bus.

Weekends are a good break after 5 days of work. To ensure that my weekends are not wasted, I fill them with lots of activities in Miri and meet up with my friends.

I was glad to be hired by TMSB as an engineer. If not, I would probably never gain any plant experience which is one of my dreams. In addition I would never have the opportunity to learn any of Japan’s technology.


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