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Manufacturing Department, Finishing Process Section

Name : Fong Hung Ai
Position : Executive
Date Joined : 01.08.2012

When I first graduated from Gunma University, my priority is to secure a sound platform to jumpstart my career, preferably in a field that is related to my research. Ideally, I wanted to work at a young company so I can have the chance to explore my skills and improvise on my technical knowledge. TMSB fulfilled my requirements for my career path and this is how I began working here.

As a new employee, I am particularly impressed with the discipline and organization skills of my Japanese superiors. I was placed in Finishing Process Section (then Manufacturing Sub-Section 2), a section that basically ensures the smooth operation of the manufacturing processí end process. Apart from the day-to-day technical duties that form most of job, I am also involved in the management of outsourced work as the operations in Finishing Section are handled by our contractors.

In every workplace, there are bound to be miscommunications, especially so in a multi-national company. However, the Japanese are trying their best to learn to communicate in English and the Malaysian employees have also been picking up the Japanese language, especially on the technical terminology to ease the problem. Discounting the language barrier, I believe that this company has the potential to grow into a reputable outfit in the land of the hornbills, Sarawak.

If you are technically minded looking to expand your knowledge in field work, then this company will be a great move for your career. The only drawback is the hour-long commute between Bintulu town and Samalaju Industrial Park. However, transportation by buses is included in the package and many employees take this time to catch up on their beauty sleep.

In a nutshell, TMSB is a great place for me to experience the importance of self-discipline, resilience and dedication to work.


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