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Manufacturing Department, Technical Coordination Section

Name : Marliza anak Kennedy
Position : Executive
Date Joined : 01.08.2011


Supporting Sarawak Corridor Renewable Energy (SCORE) project.

Initial impression?

My first impression towards this company is that the working environment will be very interesting since I have to work with foreigners like Japanese.

Exciting part of your job?

Every part or every task given to me is always exciting from mechanical pre-commissioning until today.

Best thing ever happened?

The best thing that ever happened to me was when I was sent to Japan for 6 months as a trainee and I also had a chance to learn Japanese language at AOTS, Yokohama, Japan.

Your colleagues?

We work as one team. We do always support each other and share knowledge.

Career progression?

I can feel that my technical skills and knowledge are getting improved.

Advice to new staff?

Work hard and learn as much as you can from this company.

TMSB in three words?

Challenging, interesting, unique.


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