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TMP Project (PS-1) Department

Name : Emilliani anak Geliga
Position : Engineer
Date Joined : 04.04.2011
Field of Study : Civil Engineering
Hobby/Interest : Swimming, jungle trekking, reading


Knowing that TMSB can provide me with a good systematic working environment.

Initial impression?

I did not expect too much from TMSB since I know that they are newly established in Malaysia, even though they are already established outside Malaysia. Personally I believe TMSB can provide me with a stable foundation for my future career.

Exciting part of your job?

I receive continuous benefit through learning new knowledge and skills, which is quite rewarding for a worker starting her career like me.

Best thing ever happened?

My employment with TMSB means that I can develop new friendships, a new mindset and have a chance to discover a new culture as well, besides learning new words in Japanese every day.

Your colleagues?

My colleagues are mostly from Japan with a few locals. Meeting such pleasant, high spirited and affable personalities is delightful.

Career progression?

Honestly, TMSB has really helped in building my skills and knowledge, and also making me stronger, internally so that I can work and survive the tough working atmosphere during construction.

Advice to new staff?

Buckle up for a new exciting working experience. An independent and continuous learning work style are the key to get along with skillful colleagues, besides learning from their experiences and work values.

TMSB in three words?

Gratifying, firm, and organized.


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